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viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

am i saying stupid things?

even if has been a SHIT day
even heroes have bad days...
even if someone lied to me
even if he's not here
even if i know i won't see him for a long time
even if i know that his smile would change your day
even if i miss my cousin
even if she leaves tonight
even knowing that, they think i have to be ALRIGHT, 

i have to smile and pretend that nothing is happening.
i have to?
don't think so.
stop calling me.
 stop talking to me like if i were some kind of crazy girl. 
i'm not mad. 
and YES! of course! i can have a bad day
i'm a human. and though it were the case that i was not a human, i would say: even heroes have bad days.
because when you have one like that, i have to smile and listen to all your problems.
but i have to pretend i have no problems.
'cause if i have you (always) think: "uf, here we go with her bad mood, how awful"
and you know? i just want to leave all and escape. and go away.
but you don't know it.

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